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Since 1989, SBT has established itself as the benchmark recruiting firm within the technology and semiconductor industries. Our team has led by example by truly adopting a start-up and people-first mentality. Building relationships with our clients and working to truly understand their unique experiences and backgrounds, and then leveraging that knowledge to target and engage with the industry’s most elite technologists and executives is what sets SBT apart from the industry norm. We are comprised of a diverse team of professionals, all of whom are university graduates and advanced-degree professionals from across the globe who have specifically-tailored recruiting experience within innovative and disruptive technology. Currently, we are looking to expand our team and are aiming to hire in early 2019. 

Anthony Agrait
Senior Talent Advisor

B.S. Economics & Management, Intl. Bus. Cert. - Arizona State University

Favorite Books: Reddit, The Passage of Power (Robert Caro), Strategy is Destiny (Rob Burgelman)

Claims to Fame: Cryptocurrency junkie, ukiyo-e collector, Jeopardy! finalist, salsa dancer, & part-time mechanic

Raised in New York, Puerto Rico, and Arizona, Anthony has always been passionate about hardware and built his first PC in kindergarten (with his parents’ help!). He translated that passion into a career on Wall Street first with investment advisory for tech executives, followed by researching Semiconductor equities at Morgan Stanley. Anthony’s love for recruiting was honed at ASU by forming ALPFA – a career-development non-profit focused on underprivileged students. For four years, he led ALPFA in partnering with 40+ corporations to create specialized training programs for students, giving 400+ students an unparalleled advantage in launching highly-competitive careers. Anthony’s passion for hardware and helping people develop their careers made joining the SBT team a clear choice.

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Jason Dubin
Strategic Growth - Advisor

B.S. Finance- Arizona State University, J.D. – Chapman University School of Law

Favorite Books: David Copperfield, The Tender Bar, 11/22/63

Claims to Fame: 4.0 NTRP Tennis Rating, Cubs fan since ’86, collects vintage manual typewriters

Having recruited some of the top talent in multiple industries over the past decade, in early 2016 Jason made the move to SBT to help continue the success within some of the more niche and disruptive areas of technology recruitment. His understanding of the client-perspective as well as the candidate decision-making process make Jason a valuable member of the SBT organization. Outside of recruiting, Jason is an avid Arizona State sports fan and enjoys film, fitness and spending time with family; especially his two nephews.

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Charul Ajmera
Senior Talent Advisor

MBA – Symbiosis International University, India

Favorite book: Cookbooks and Food Magazines

Before moving to the States in 2014, Charul was a finance executive in India. She moved to Phoenix in 2016 and started her journey in recruiting shortly after that. She says her fascination for communicating with the best technical minds in the industry combined with her desire to help people in making the right next move is what attracted her to recruiting, and her avidity for learning something new every day helped her in succeeding at it. She likes to spend her weekends and spare time with the two loves of her life, her husband of 4 years and food, be it cooking, eating, blogging or Instagramming!

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Jackie Tetzloff
Operations & Administration

B.A. English – University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee

Favorite Books: A Walk in the Woods (Bill Bryson), The Hobbit (J.R.R. Tolkien)

Claims to Fame: Beginner banjo player, SNES Donkey Kong Country expert, hiking enthusiast, and Dog Mom

Since joining SBT in July 2017, Jackie is passionate in her organization and helpful tactics to direct operations in the recruiting process. Her experience in administration is a valuable asset to help the SBT team stay aligned with their candidates. Outside of SBT, Jackie enjoys the outdoors with her boyfriend and their 3 dogs, or watching Packers games and eating cheese, because Wisconsin is her heart and homeland.

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Jim Tiberia

B.S. Business Administration- Arizona State University

Favorite books: Extreme Ownership (Jocko Willink and Leif Babin), 1984 (George Orwell)

Claims to fame: Bass Guitarist for numerous bands since 1980; currently performing in his favorite, a Beatles Tribute Band called Hard Daze Nite.

Moved to Arizona in 1980 from Hamburg, NY (suburb of Buffalo). Jim began his career in semiconductor recruiting in 1984 with C&L Industries, learning how to recruit the right way from a very talented team of peers and managers. Jim adopted the “Golden Rule” of treating people the way you would want to be treated while advising them in their career endeavors. In addition, he learned the semiconductor industry’s technology and process and was recruited by Intel Corporation in 1988 to fill critical positions for Fab 7 and Fab 9 in Albuquerque, NM. After successfully filling the most critical roles at Intel NM, Jim moved back to Phoenix with an invaluable experience of seeing firsthand how things are done internally. These experiences culminated in the formation of SBT Industries in 1989, the leading semiconductor and technology recruiting firm. When not working with executives at leading technology firms, Jim is spending time with his wife (and fellow entrepreneur) Cathy and his 7 grandkids. He loves new adventures and traveling domestically and abroad discovering new foods to add to his cooking repertoire.

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Justin Kinsey
Vice President

B.A. Psychology – University of Arizona

Favorite Books: Creativity Inc. (Ed Catmull), Mere Christianity (C.S. Lewis)

Claims to Fame: Fished bass tournaments semi-pro through college, traveled internationally playing tournament soccer, youth advocate and volunteer.

After attending U of A, Justin was charged with leading a member retention group at AOL in Tucson, AZ. In 2006 Justin accepted a transformational opportunity to shift his career to recruiting. His love of technology, combined with his passion for helping others, made recruiting passive technology professionals a perfect fit. Quickly advancing through various leadership roles, Justin now guides the staff, new business development, and still recruits – as that is where his passion started! When he’s not recruiting, Justin is either with his wife of almost 10 years and 3 daughters, coaching or playing sports, leading the teens at his Church, or cheering on his beloved U of A Wildcats!

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Alexis Castañeda
Senior Talent Advisor

B.S. Business Administration - California State University, Northridge

Favorite Books: The Selfish Gene, How Not to Die, Arizona Highways

Claims to Fame: Amateur astronomer, VH1 reality TV co-star, trilingual (English, Spanish, German), private dinner with Bill Nye the Science Guy

Prior to joining the team at SBT, Alexis excelled as a restaurant general manager and website project coordinator in Los Angeles, CA. He also wrote a popular events blog and managed a science celebrity’s social media profile. He moved to Phoenix in 2016 where he earned the opportunity to combine his passion for technology and relationship management via technical recruiting. Connecting intelligent people with successful companies is a personal and professional goal Alexis seeks to fulfill at SBT. Beyond the office, Alexis is an avid hiker and traveler, having climbed Mt. Kilimanjaro in Africa and visited over 20 countries. He also enjoys spending time with his two cats, viewing the stars with his refracting telescope, and collecting Pink Floyd music and memorabilia.

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