How We Work - Talent


At SBT, our goal is to gain a complete understanding of who you are, as well as fully understand your personal and professional desires as it relates to your career progression. Once we make you aware of a unique opportunity and you give authorization for representation, we confidentially send your resume to the hiring managers. Our relationships with them offer timely feedback every step of the way.


When the hiring manager expresses interest, we let you know right away so we are able to guide you through the steps. Prior to each discussion you have with the company, we arrange preparatory phone calls to walk you through technical expectations and specific information about the person/people you’d be speaking with. After each interview, we reexamine your interest and the interest of the hiring manager.


Once the hiring manager is interested in extending an offer for you to join the team, we work with you and the company to come to an appropriate, customized agreement in line with the market. This is done while evaluating the overall strength of your interview in relation to current internal talent and external industry standards.


After acceptance of the offer, we work tirelessly to help you along the resignation stage: from writing your letter to moving across the country, we and the hiring authorities are there to guide you. We understand a transition (even a positive one) is a stressful time for everyone. We are here to make this as seamless as possible and do what we can to ease your nerves. Even if relocation isn’t part of your agenda, starting somewhere new can make people anxious, and we are there to help.