SBT has led the way in semiconductor recruiting since 1989. Our expertise spanning the entire semiconductor life cycle is what has set us apart from other technology search firms. As a company, we have continued to expand into adjacent markets, utilizing our semiconductor knowledge. Our leadership in talent identification as innovation has brought peripheral technologies to the forefront. We pride ourselves on outstanding industry knowledge and superior service and are ready to take on your biggest hiring challenge.


Spawning from our expertise in semiconductor recruitment, SBT has enjoyed unparalleled success growing world-class MEMS organizations with the very best talent. Whether it be a membrane-based MEMS technology or one of the various sensor applications, we understand the idiosyncratic differences that separate the technologies and save you time by identifying and recruiting the specific MEMS engineers and subject matter experts your organization seeks.


Marrying our two greatest passions - technology and helping people - made SBT’s entry into biomedical seamless. We have partnered with publically-traded giants at the forefront of cancer-curing technology along with small start-ups looking to revolutionize drug discovery and tissue transplant technology. When the engineers we place have an opportunity to apply their knowledge in a biomedical domain tasked with saving lives, there is little more rewarding to our consultants.


As the world changes and security ID redefined using our human imprint through voice, retinal, fingerprint and other bio-markers, SBT has led the way in biometric recruitment. We have unmatched success in hardware, software, and firmware recruitment in biometrics. Our relationship with key leaders in the FIDO alliance affords us unique opportunities to recruit the best and brightest engineers and leaders.


Utilizing decades of technology recruitment experience beginning in semiconductors, SBT has remained on the forefront of technology advancements, including Artificial Intelligence (AI). As the global leaders in AI recruitment, we have placed scores of engineers and executives who have been on the leading edge of the most innovative AI advancements through the years.


There is a serious matter of merging the best of Silicon Valley with the best of Detroit, and SBT is the preeminent leader in recruitment for the autonomous driving industry. More than simply merging the technology and automotive industries, we blend two different cultures: one safety-focused and risk-averse, the other fast-moving and risk-taking. Recruitment in the highly specialized field of autonomous driving takes a knowledge and network along with a keen understanding of the nuanced differences.


Integration of people and things around us has exploded, thanks to the internet of things (IoT). While IoT has become a blanket term to describe various technology applications, our IoT recruiting consultants have specialized knowledge in a wide range of fields spanning RF, hardware, software, and firmware. We take the time to understand your unique IoT solution to ensure we find the precise skills you need.


At SBT we are constantly learning - our machine learning experts are no different. With a specialized knowledge of AI amongst other core technology areas in machine learning, we have become the go-to firm for machine learning companies wanting to compete with the likes of Google, Microsoft, and Amazon. We have the industry and academic network to quickly identify and attract machine learning experts that will propel your organization to new heights.