Job Seekers

Benefits of an External Recruiting Firm for Candidates

Career Advisement

Candidates, ESPECIALLY passive individuals, can benefit from using an external recruiting source rather than applying directly to a job. From the first step in the interview process, SBT makes the effort to act as a career advisor – NOT just a recruiter. We work together to understand your desired career trajectory and align any opportunities we share with you based on this information. In essence, we partner with you to create a roadmap for the next chapter of your career. Our executive recruiters do not just look for individuals that fit a specific job description. Instead, we analyze what we learn from you in our initial discussions. We then bring you different opportunities (most of which are not publicly available or advertised) that align best to help advance your career in the direction that YOU want to go.

Professional Negotiations

In this current market, our clients are making competitive offers to only the top candidates we represent. However, these aggressive offers require appropriate and timely communication. The SBT team acts as your personal guide in negotiations to allow a seamless and transparent process that puts you in a position knowing that you are getting the BEST possible offer from our client. You have the distinct advantage of leveraging our combined 75 years of offer negotiation that has created 1,000’s of mutually beneficial company and career transforming moves.

Interview Preparation

Professionals that we work with benefit from our elevated standards throughout the hiring process. SBT understands that high-level interviews can cause some amounts of anxiety and/or additional time consumption that may require adjustments to time management (we know you still have a job to do). We minimize this stress through detailed preparation via proper and tailored interview preparation. Also, engaging in transparent dialogue before and after each stage of the interview helps us better understand your reasons for continued interest and address questions that you may have, but were not comfortable asking the interviewer(s). Our team has experience with every hiring manager that will evaluate your candidacy for the select position. We also can provide guidance on which subjects to focus preparation efforts on to get the best ROI on your valuable time.

Resume Support

Our team understands that creating a perfect resume can be difficult and time-consuming. Most of our candidates are not looking (or at least not ACTIVELY looking) for a new position. This results in outdated resumes that do not fully display your range of recent expertise. SBT is officially certified to write resumes at a professional level. Our CRPW (Certified Professional Resume Writer) is equipped to construct a resume that will grab the attention of the hiring managers that we work with daily. We never change our experience or misrepresent it, we only enhance and draw attention to the most meaningful items hiring managers are looking for.