I was getting interested in moving to a new state when SBT reached out to me with a job opportunity in my field. Though at first the timing didn’t work, when I was ready to make a change, SBT was there to help me land a great new job. They were there through the whole process of identifying opportunity, preparing for the interview, talking through the job offer, and making the move to a new state and job. I really appreciated having someone in my corner to talk through any questions. It had been a while since I had interviewed, so it was helpful to be able to talk through the process with someone that had experience. I wouldn’t have landed the new job and made the move to the east coast without their help.

Jason Larsen

Industrial Engineer, Cree

Microchip Technology has worked with SBT since 1989 and placed over 70 hires with us. As I look through the list of hires I see many great employees still with us today and many who have been promoted to senior leaders at Microchip. The SBT team always brought a unique approach to recruiting. They have always been very ‘hands on ‘ with clients, taking extra time and effort into talking with the candidate and selling the attributes of the job, the culture of the company, and many more reasons why the candidate should join us.

It has been a pleasure to work with them and I highly recommend them as a source to find highly skilled candidates.

Lauren Carr

Senior Vice President Global Human Resources, Microchip Technology

SBT’s collaborative and creative approach to recruiting in the semiconductor industry is always welcome. I had the pleasure of working with them on a few key MEMS and Sensors roles in the industry. They approached the contract as a partnership and swiftly drove to a list of top notch candidates for difficult to fill roles. SBT’s passion for changing lives is apparent in every interaction.

Sandra Vos

R&D Director, PL Motion Sensors, NXP Semiconductors

My experience with working with SBT has only been positive. The quality that stands out while working with them is their quick turnaround at all stages during the hiring process, even during the weekends. They seemed to have a great relationship with the hiring manager at the company as well and were very quick to follow through after every interview step. I would definitely recommend taking their help in finding roles at any level.

Niveda Lakshma

Materials Process Development Engineer, Cree

It has been a great pleasure for me to work with SBT. They perfectly understood my MEMS skills and found me two great opportunities which gave me the opportunity to choose my career path. They facilitate the process and have been very efficient to remove any roadblocks, including the move and the family.

Adeline Feybesse

Manager Field Applications, Global Foundries

I first came to know about SBT Industries from a cold call made by a technical recruiter early in 2011. Having received countless cold calls from recruiters over the years, I could immediately tell a distinct difference in the approach from this recruiter. He was completely professional, yet very relatable to me and my current situation. His questions revolved around what made a good fit in a career for ME. Never did the BBD (bigger, better deal) get presented to me. I came to find out they work on a network of referrals. What looks like a cold call to the candidate, actually involves extensive research and corroboration that the potential candidate would be a potential fit, both technically and behaviorally, for current or future requisitions.. What followed was, to me, a completely revolutionary way of recruiting!

SBT was extremely personable, taking extensive time to understand what needs were missing from my current role, and learning about the skills and behaviors that I possessed which made me a valuable employee. I cannot say enough about how different SBT Industries operates as recruiters. They are very hands on, treating each candidate placement as though they are placing a member of their own family. The interview prep went far beyond what any other recruiting firm has done. Their involvement was like a personal coach through every step of the process. What surprised me the most was, after placement, I ended up on the other side of the recruiting table and got to experience how great they really are by working with them to fill MY open reqs! The key for managers is to actually pick up the phone and contact SBT to form a relationship. In doing so, they will be able to refine the candidates they present (either by proper vetting, or interview preparation). As a manager, I learned quickly how difficult it is to find, hire and retain good people. The entire team at SBT Industries can be counted on to reduce the time and stress of finding and hiring good people. It’ll be up to you to retain them!

If you get a recruiting call from someone at SBT Industries, don’t dismiss the conversation. Pay attention, your life could change for the better!

Don Pearce

Sr. Principal Design Engineer, Skyworks

SBT had helped me tremendously throughout the entire hiring process – helped me prepare for the interview, followed up after the discussion, even provided support for the presentation I had to prepare for my final round of interviews. I will highly recommend SBT for candidates looking for a new opportunity!

Richard Cheung

Director of Product Management , Wi-Fi Alliance

SBT industries is extremely knowledgeable about the semiconductor industry and provided qualified talent for our hardest-to-fill jobs. Their dedication/passion to getting a candidate across the finish line was better than any other agency I have worked with in my career. If you have a job with no candidates in the pipeline, SBT Industries can surely help you to secure a top-notch candidate!

Ashley Evans

Global Technical Recruiting Manager, Cree

SBT helped me find a job in a young growing startup working on new and exciting technology. Before this opportunity came up, they made sure to understand what my profile was and what kind of job I was looking for. When they offered me this opportunity, I knew it was the right fit for me. They were constantly in touch with me throughout the hiring process and even met with me in person many times to make sure I understood the hiring process. They explained the compensation and negotiated with the company on my behalf as well. I am really grateful to them for helping me find a great job at a time when I really needed it.

Mayank Bothra

Staff Engineer, Mixed Signa, IDEX

The team reached out to me about an opportunity across the country. I had already been pursued by the company’s local HR, and I told them I wasn’t looking to relocate. I told SBT the same, but they explained in more detail about the role and opportunity. One year later, I’m making 30% more than my last position and infinitely more happy. They were extremely helpful in the process and did all my negotiating for me. Wonderful experience!

Jeffrey Howell

Lead Scheduling and Operations Research Engineer, Cree

I’ve worked with a lot of great recruiting professionals in the last 10 years; hiring for dozens of technical roles. SBT stands out as one of the very, very best. They have a deep understanding of the semiconductor space and are able to land outstanding talent for their clients. SBT gets my highest recommendation.

Tony Miller

Advanced Development Lead, Facebook

I was glad to find the team at SBT right when I needed to switch career paths. The team at SBT helped me find the perfect match in my job search, exactly what I was looking for. The entire team was very professional that made the overall transition very smooth and easy.

They even prepared me for the interview, gave me great pep talks and tips. They checked in on me at every stage of the interview.

I highly recommend SBT and the team if you are looking to find new opportunities relevant to your skillset, background, and education.

Sandeep Sharma

Mixed Signal Verification Engineer, Skyworks

I have worked very closely with the entire SBT staff for over 10 years and have found them to be extremely knowledgeable in all aspects of the Semiconductor industry. SBT has been an invaluable partner in our efforts to identifying and hire several highly skilled and hard-to-find Semiconductor professionals at all levels. I was extremely impressed with their level of professionalism and attention to detail in all aspects of the search process. They worked hard to make the hiring process a win-win scenario for both our company and the candidate.

I highly endorse SBT as a valued partner to any organization.

Tom Vegos

Former - Director Talent Acquisition, Semtech

The SBT staff was very helpful and a delight to work with throughout the process. SBT found me via a referral and although I wasn’t actively looking for a job at that time, they were able to identify the right opportunity for me based on my job experience and future career goals. I was very impressed with how they communicate recommendations, updates, and feedback before and after interviews, and most of all still touching base even after I was already hired. I also received valuable guidance and support from the executive team with me personally. It was absolutely wonderful to have worked with SBT.

Mary Grace Libiran-Carino

Senior Operations Research Engineer , Cree

In my last move to Cree, I had an excellent experience with SBT Industries. The recruiter team was very helpful and very supportive.

I highly recommend SBT Industries for job searches.

Abdul Ahmad

RF/Microwave Design Engineer, Cree

There are a good number of capable recruiting firms I have worked with in my 20 years of profession in the semiconductor industry, and then there is SBT who stands above and beyond all the rest. While preparing me for an opening at a top company, the team at SBT provided me with invaluable insight into what the company was looking for beyond job descriptions and tips for a successful interview. What impressed me about SBT to this day is how frequently they communicated to advise me meticulously and to update me on the progress. While going through rounds of interviews, SBT always felt like that reassuring and experienced hiking buddy I’d like to have during an uncertain journey. Pick SBT if you’re in the job market, they will put you up on a launching pad for your next career jump.

Danny Dong

Sr. Analog Design Engineer, Linear

SBT Industries is my go-to recruiting firm for experienced semiconductor engineers. Their team is superb at sourcing qualified candidates and will do whatever it takes to close the deal!!

Ken Molitor

COO, QP Technologies

I worked with SBT in 2019 when they reached out to me about a semiconductor job opportunity. They took the time to give me detailed information about the opportunity which aligned with my interests and background.

SBT guided me through the entire process from proofreading my resume to giving me interview tips and negotiating an offer that I was very happy with.

Through this experience, SBT demonstrated their in-depth knowledge of the semiconductor industry and understanding of the job market. They are extremely professional and work with you till the end. I consider the SBT team as experienced recruiters who personalize the job interview process.

I highly recommend them.

Richard Turkson

Analog Design Engineer, Cirrus Logic

I am really glad that I decided to work with SBT to find a new job. As someone relatively new to their career like me, the prospect of switching jobs can be really daunting. SBT helped me figure out what kind of roles best fit my skill set and helped me maximize my career potential.

Tonmoy Roy

Digital Design Engineer , Cirrus Logic

I enjoyed working with SBT. They were professional and attentive. They put my concerns at ease and communicated openly with me about all the questions I had relating to the role. I would definitely work with them again.

Tyler Stannard

Crystal Growth R&D Scientist , SK Siltron

I had a highly professional experience with SBT.

SBT was with me right from explaining the role, company expectations, getting me set with the interview dates, and to the point where I had a senior management job offer from Qualcomm.

Wishing SBT all the best.

Ravi Koodli

Sr. Director, Qualcomm

Working with SBT was a great experience. They were very receptive to my desires/goals, and they stayed in constant communication. Even after a sudden shift in my needs, they were able to place me within only a few weeks.

Sean Kitko

Sr. Validation and Programming Engineer, Silanna

I would highly recommend SBT for anybody looking for new opportunities. This is based on my personal experience. SBT stayed closely involved with the entire process giving constant feedback and being available at short notice for any queries that I had. After I started in my new role the follow-up continued to make sure that all was going smoothly. Overall a very good experience in the stressful job search process.

Phillip Sher

Principal Application Engineer, Semtech

SBT has set the gold-star standard for agency partnership. They did a wonderful job of getting to know our business (complex technology included) and culture, then translating that into top-tier talent. While a small subset of agencies may do the same, SBT will stand apart given their genuine commitment to their partner’s success, as well as a very friendly and “human” approach. They were always communicative and easy to work with. I’d recommend SBT to any company looking for an agency partner in the semiconductor space.

Britney Smith

Technical Recruiting Manager, Cree

Working with SBT was an absolute pleasure. They reached out to me with an opportunity after seeing my profile on LinkedIn. I was not actively seeking a position at the time, but I was open to hearing what they had to say. As a result, I was able to secure the position and SBT negotiated the compensation package very favorably. SBT does a great job matching talent to employer needs to the mutual benefit of the candidate and the company.

William Phillips

Production Manager, Toppan

Having been in the semiconductor industry for over 15 years, there are very few external talent acquisition firms that actually know semiconductors. The SBT team has the credibility and knack in the industry and is extremely well connected- blue chip companies to start-ups. With this incredible reach in the industry, SBT exceptionally maps talent to positions. I have worked with the SBT team to identify, recruit and hire top talents ranging from new college graduates to executive hires.

SBT is the only team with whom I’ve worked that thoughtfully screens candidates and presents only those who will be an optimal fit, both technical and cultural, for challenging opportunities. They are also the only team that actively supports the offer and acceptance process.


Vice President of Engineering, IPO Company

For an early-career engineer such as myself, SBT was instrumental in facilitating a career move that I had long planned in order to improve quality of life without sacrificing career growth. Throughout the process their team was always available and ready to help, especially during an unexpectedly strong counteroffer process. In the end, I would be hard-pressed to find a better team with knowledge in semiconductor industry careers, negotiation, and readiness to truly help get the best outcome for all parties involved.

Barrett Worley

Sr. Process Engineer, Toppan

I’ve known and worked with SBT Industries over the last 15 years, both as a recruit and a customer. Because of these experiences, I am in a unique position to be able to comment on my interactions with SBT.

My first experience was as a recruit. During the recruiting process, I found SBT to be on-point, consistently checking in and following up as needed. They were very good at addressing my concerns and answering questions, while being gently persistent with keeping the recruiting process moving. After successfully being recruited, SBT maintained a presence to ensure that, again, concerns were addressed and questions were answered. Additionally, once all was said and done, SBT would periodically stop by to see how I was doing in the new position. This showed a level of commitment I had never experienced in my career.

As a customer, the same attributes outlined above resulted in high recruitment success rates. The HR personnel interfacing with SBT once confided to me that SBT was the most successful recruiting agency they had ever used, by far, and she valued their relationship.

I would recommend SBT to anyone needing to fill key positions with qualified individuals.

Michael Anderson

Director Power Packaging, Analog Devices

My experience with SBT has been excellent. Throughout the whole recruitment phase SBT have always been responsive, engaged and present, standing out as a real career advisor in every step of the process. Truly expert and connected in the semiconductors field, SBT quickly established with me a great rapport. It has been an extreme pleasure to work with SBT.

Nicola Bramante

Product Line Manager, Semtech

My experience with SBT has been personable, mutually beneficial and trustworthy. I wouldn’t hesitate to work with SBT again in the future if the opportunity arises.

Jordan R.

Sr. FIeld Application Engineer, Cirrus Logic

Was contacted by SBT for a position unexpectedly. I was skeptical at the beginning but it turned out to be a perfect fit for me. The whole process was smooth and transparent, I got updates and feedback timely. The support and suggestions I got from SBT was amazing, which really helped me to make the decision. I am so glad that SBT reached out to me and helped me with the right move.

Qiang Lin

Sr. Principal Systems Engineer, Skyworks

Several years ago SBT helped me land a life-changing role at a great company that set my career up for success. The team at SBT made the process easy by helping me prep and making sure I knew what to expect at all stages as well as working as my advocate through signing. I would definitely recommend SBT to anyone looking to make a role change, they really are great to work with.

Michael Pate

Mobile Audio/Systems/Algo/Architecture Lead, Google

Working with SBT has been one of the best recruiting experiences in my career. The vast majority of recruiters for leading tech firms give the impression of matching resume keywords to the position, and randomly casting their net in the hope of finding a candidate through luck, rather than understanding the industry and position. What differentiates SBT is that they take the time to understand the skills and interests of the candidate in order to provide a customized experience, ranging from a personalized initial contact to valuable advice at different stages of the interview process. This customized approach, combined with SBT’s deep understanding and contacts in the semiconductor industry, enables them to surgically match a candidate to a position. This enables a win-win scenario, where the candidate furthers their career goals, and the hiring company gains a quality candidate well-aligned with the position and their corporate goals.

Josh Sanz-Robinson

Machine Learning Engineer, Cirrus Logic

I worked with SBT when I moved to Cirrus Logic and working with them was a pleasant experience for me. Till then, I was a little skeptical about working with recruiters external to the company and SBT proved me wrong by making the whole process so smooth and seamless for me. The best thing about working with SBT was the amount of legwork and prep that they put into the role, my fit for the role, and most importantly the prep that they helped me with for me to be successful in my interviews. I would definitely recommend working with SBT.

Arjun Ganesan

Silicon Engineer, Google

I worked with SBT early this year(2021). SBT approached me through LinkedIn and their introduction email was tailored to appeal to me which meant they had taken the time to read up about my work experience and background. I see a lot of times that recruiters approach with a cut-paste introduction without much substance.
Throughout the interview process, I had fruitful discussions with the SBT team and they patiently answered my questions and were diligent in follow-ups. They are knowledgeable about the semiconductor/tech industry and understand the job market in this ecosystem. They are extremely professional and work with you till the end. I consider the SBT team as experienced recruiters who personalize the job interview process. I recommend them wholeheartedly.

Shruti Patkar

Sr. Manager Software Test Engineering, Cirrus Logic

SBT initially reached out to me with an opportunity and I decided to pursue it, just to see where it went. Little did I know that it would turn out to be a fantastic opportunity, well-suited to my skillset, career plans, and personality. Working with SBT was great, as they were very communicative and easy to talk to. SBT was also great at prepping me for interviews, as they had some relationships with my interviewers at the time. After every interview, SBT insisted on doing a debrief, and they were able to get some unofficial feedback from interviewers so that I knew where I stood. Once I received an initial offer, working with the SBT team as liaisons proved fruitful, as they helped me to negotiate a better offer. Safe to say, I wouldn’t be working where I am now without them!

Daniel Kelly

Design Verification Engineer, Cirrus Logic

SBT reached out to me at the beginning of a search for Operations help at Atomera, a Bay Area Semiconductor startup. The careful search of associations and past experience that SBT did found me and they correctly identified an excellent fit between my experience and the needs of this startup. The whole experience from the initial screening call to confirmation of an offer was smooth and professional and frankly, a delight. The staff at SBT are friendly, honest, and authentic – I have no reservation recommending their services to any organization looking for a quick and successful candidate search and placement.

Tom McKnelly

Vice President Operations, Litrinium

SBT was great to work with as they reviewed my skills and experience and helped me to visualize the fit with my current employer. They worked with me to position myself to obtain the position that is a great fit for me and my new company. Their guidance through the process made this opportunity happen, and I’m extremely pleased with the end result.

Greg Amico

Business Development Director, ASM

Apex Microtechnology has been utilizing SBT as its recruiting house for over twenty years. We have yet to witness another recruiting firm that takes time moving the candidate through each of their phases. From the time SBT acquires a potential candidate to the time the candidate starts at our facility, SBT is involved. Through their mature process of recruiting, SBT ensures qualified, motivated candidates do not slip through the fingers of the candidate’s current employer’s attempt to “buy them back”. Their ability to meet with each candidate, hiring manager, and stakeholder ensuring the professional alignment is not only a win for the hiring house, but also for the candidate. Apex has placed most of its leadership and technical potential hires through SBT and we will continue counting on SBT for all our significant professional hires.

Greg Brennan

President and CEO, Apex Microtechnology

For 30 years SBT has been my number one partner to identify, recruit, and hire top semiconductor and hardware talent. The SBT team was key to building Cirrus Logic’s Corporate Technology teams in support of our product revenue growth from $175M/yr to $1.4B/yr…a monumental task. SBT is the ONLY team with whom I’ve worked that thoughtfully screens candidates and presents only those who will be an optimal fit, both technical and cultural, for challenging opportunities. They are also the only team that actively supports the offer and acceptance process.

Roy Kaller

Managing Director, Gain Ventures

I had a great experience working with SBT. They used their strong relationships in the semiconductor industry and deep knowledge of their customers’ requirements to find me the perfect opportunity. Their experience and an understanding of what was most important to both sides resulted in finding creative solutions to several non-standard issues that came up during the process. Highly recommended.

Vrej Barkhordarian

Director of R&D, Cree

SBT wasn’t just a placement professional, they were a valued and trusted asset during my search. They spent time getting to know me, not just my resume. They understood that knowing my motivations would make me more successful in the right role. They matched me and, ultimately, had me placed in a matter of days. SBT even offered great advice on negotiating salary after the mutual interest was established.
I would highly recommend SBT to anyone looking to make a move, professionally. I did and they didn’t let me down.

Scott Day

Director of Regulatory, Amnio