Confidential Replacement/ Executive Search

Trust our team with the next steps in your company’s growth. Whether you seek new talent because of a dismissal or resignation, a unique candidate to pilot a new initiative, or a particularly sensitive personnel match, SBT’s executive search services are fully confidential and committed to your unique structure and team dynamic.

We work to learn about your company and your specific role with an objective, outside perspective. We seek out your unique differentiators to offer a unique and invaluable perspective for potential talent. We communicate directly with exceptional candidates, and provide a picture of your position on terms with which they can easily and closely identify.

As experienced industry specialists, we know that genuine innovation can’t compromise: the best opportunities require the most talented engineers. The most elite companies demand executive talent and a search process to match.

  • Cut the risk of company disruption with proactive, independent search specialists
  • Lean on experienced industry experts to identify candidate chemistry and objective fit
  • Eliminate internal rumors and team conflict before they even begin
  • Create a clear, objective picture of your company to secure a genuine match
  • Smooth transitions and craft an effective, efficient search process with full confidentiality

Semiconductor Experts. Strategic Advisors. SBT.

As your dedicated industry partners, the SBT team approaches every search with the same mission: leverage our expertise to spark the connections that drive genuine innovation in technology.

We believe in synergy

Our relationships are genuine, and our approach is holistic.

We believe in people

There’s no substitute for true talent.

We believe in transparency

Authenticity and integrity define our process.