C Suite Spotlight – Shashi Chilappagari, CTO DeGirum

In this installment of SBT’s C-Suite Spotlight, President Justin Kinsey has a conversation and receives a demo from CTO of DeGirum, Shashi Chilappagari. Shashi is an experienced technical executive with nearly two decades of driving innovation. He began his career at Marvell and focused on System Architecture/R&D pioneering new data paths for NAND flash controllers and earning dozens of patents.

DeGirum was co-founded by Shashi and Winston Lee after an introduction by the co-founder of Marvell. They are radically simplifying the process of choosing the right hardware/software for AI/ML applications and Shashi and his team have developed an easy-to-use AI acceleration platform as well as a line of accelerators that enable engineers and developers to significantly improve the power and performance of their systems.

SBT C Suite Spotlight: Hugh Chow, CEO of VentureLAB

In this installment of SBT’s C-Suite Spotlight, Justin Kinsey has a conversation with Hugh Chow, CEO of VentureLAB. Hugh is a seasoned global executive with 30 years of experience in innovation, technology, investing, corporate governance, sustainability, R&D, management, and much more. His experience is an invaluable resource that supports every startup that joins a VentureLAB cohort.

He took his first leap into entrepreneurship when he co-founded ViXS Systems and has never looked back. Hugh has founded venture firms to help elevate companies in deep-tech, sustainability, and ESG practices and holds advisory positions with multiple organizations that help advance technology companies in Canada, Hong Kong, and other global regions.

SBT C Suite Spotlight: Calista Redmond, CEO of RISC V International

In this installment of the C-Suite Spotlight, Justin Kinsey has a conversation with Calista Redmond, CEO of RISC-V International. Calista’s early career was focused on building startups and after growing four successful startups of her own, she moved to IBM and started creating partnership ecosystems around open source technologies.

With a large and well-respected global platform, Calista leverages her influence and experience to help advance the use of RISC-V around the world. In this conversation, she shares her perspective on the proliferation of RISC-V and where she sees RISC-V growing in the years ahead. Calista and Justin also find common ground in one of Calista’s passions: the advancement of opportunities for women in technology companies.

SBT C Suite Spotlight: Arun Iyengar, past CEO and current Advisor to Untether AI

In this installment of SBT’s C-Suite Spotlight, Justin Kinsey has a conversation with Arun Iyengar, CEO of Untether AI. Arun’s background encompasses both technical and business experience and in this discussion, he shares his perspective on topics ranging from the criticality of improving the energy efficiency of AI/ML workloads to practical use cases for AI at the Edge.

Arun also shares how Untether is enabling all of this to happen with a clear focus on energy efficiency, and how sustainable AI and Edge inference are critical for the long-term success of these technologies. Arun even shares practical advice for startup executives who are building teams, infusing the talk with strategies about hiring people who are a good cultural fit and mission-oriented.

SBT C Suite Spotlight: Shrijeet Mukherjee, Co-Founder and CDO of Enfabrica

In this installment of SBT’s C-Suite Spotlight, Justin Kinsey has a conversation with Shrijeet Mukherjee, the Co-Founder and Chief Development Officer at Enfabrica.

Their conversation traverses topics ranging from Shrijeet’s perspective about where the networking and the AI/ML sectors are heading, to how he and Enfabrica’s co-founder Rochan Sankar are addressing the growth of their company by attracting the right people. Shrijeet also shares his insights about leading teams through times of rapid growth and times that require extreme patience and perseverance.

SBT C Suite Spotlight: Ty Garibay, President of Condor Computing

In this installment of SBT’s C-Suite Spotlight, Justin Kinsey speaks with Ty Garibay, the Founder and President of Condor Computing.

Justin and Ty have an expansive talk that covers topics ranging from what initially got Ty focused on engineering, all the way to what led him to found Condor and why he is “all in” on the AI/MI/accelerated compute space. Ty also shares strategies for recruiting top talent into a startup and gives practical advice for techniques other startup leaders can use to build their organizations.

SBT C Suite Spotlight: Raymond Chik, Co-Founder and Advisor to Untether AI

In this installment of SBT’s C-Suite Spotlight, Justin Kinsey has a conversation with Raymond Chik, Co-Founder and Advisor of Untether AI.

They take a deep dive into topics ranging from Raymond’s decision to become an advisor to Untether from the early stages of building the company to his views on responsible AI and how leaders can work to ensure AI also becomes democratized. In addition, Raymond shares wisdom and guidance about building and scaling startups that other startup founders will find helpful in terms of recruiting the right people to their teams.

SBT C Suite Spotlight: Jay Dawani, CEO of Lemurian Labs

In this installment of SBT’s C-Suite Spotlight, President Justin Kinsey speaks with the Founder and CEO of Lemurian Labs, Jay Dawani. Justin and Jay cover a range of topics from Jay’s background to recent updates with Lemurian and insights about talent attraction.