Benefits of an External Recruiting Firm for Employers

Internal Limitations

The best and most qualified engineers are rarely actively searching for something new and outside of their current employment.  This means most often, the people you are looking for to fill your critical needs are rarely, if ever, looking for you. That’s where we come in! Our model is focused on identifying and attracting the engineer who has that specific skill-set you are looking for but is NOT active in looking or sometimes even considering something outside their current position. We achieve this through innovative sourcing methodologies and a proven narrative creation process. This approach has allowed SBT to be the leader in recruiting the top semiconductor professionals for the past 30+ years.

Understanding Your Candidate

Our retained clientele value our thorough approach to the screening process. Our distinct advantage over other firms is twofold. First, our history and experience enable us to leverage countless RELATIONSHIPS and work primarily on a referral basis for candidate identification. Second, our ability to provide an exhaustive and accurate understanding of each candidate represented because we are not wasting time speaking to unqualified candidates. We attain as clear an understanding as possible of their technical strengths by taking a deeper dive into their resume bullet points conducting an experiential interview to fully understand what they have accomplished and then eschew that into understanding what it is they want to do.  This is the starting point to gaining that “off resume” information that we know is critical in not only identifying the right technical and cultural fit but also understanding aspects of relocation, family situation, and monetary hurdles that could be in play. 

Semiconductor Specialists

The semiconductor industry has remained our one and only focus since 1989. SBT is one-of-a-kind, there are no other firms that solely concentrate on semiconductors (for as long as we have anyways). We specialize in this market; therefore, our knowledge and quality remain unmatched. The comprehensive knowledge established in our semiconductor ecosystem generates unique untapped opportunities that only stem from our expertise in the industry. Simply put, our knowledge and skill ensure the best hire in the shortest amount of time.