Tonmoy Roy – Digital Design Engineer, Cirrus Logic

After graduating, Tonmoy gained a solid foundation in design but despite this, he felt a looming plateau in his skill development and sought new opportunities. Accepting an unexpected outreach from SBT, and working with his recruiter led him to a new role that offered not only exciting engineering challenges but also a positive impact on his personal life.

Sandra Vos – Director of Research and Development, NXP

Sandy heads a division of R&D for a top global semiconductor firm, and knows the challenges of finding the right talent in a niche field. Partnering with SBT gives her confidence, through shared understanding, that SBT will only present qualified candidates and ensure she can make the best hires. This has empowered Sandy to drive new innovations at her company.

Jason Conrad – Chief Operating Officer, Arizona State University SWAP Hub

Jason, already well-established in his career path, was noticed by SBT for a role beyond his industry scope. Engaging in conversations with SBT broadened his perspective on the semiconductor industry and his potential impact. Now, Jason heads one of the nation’s most innovative semiconductor research facilities, marking a transformative journey that benefits his professional and personal life.

Scott Wofford – System Architect, Privoro

Scott explains how a lengthy career in engineering had made him wary of recruiters looking to make a “quick placement”. After deciding to accept a call from SBT because of the recruiter’s unique approach Scott made a genuine connection. By opening up to his recruiter and sharing, Scott discovered was there were things he wanted from his career that had gone unnoticed. He ultimately earned a role that leverages his strengths and has helped him tap into his true passion – engineering.

Ram Kumar – Senior Hardware Engineer, Fabric Cryptography

Ram, who was in the midst of a successful career in networking system design, felt a yearning for fresh challenges. His “inner voice” prompted exploration, and SBT appeared with a completely unexpected opportunity. This opened a timely new door, and SBT guided Ram to a new role and company that revitalized his career, as well as his passion for developing technology.

Stephanie Peña – Human Resource Manager, Apex Microtechnology

Stephanie supports an organization that counts on her for many things and among those is identifying talent for critical roles in their manufacturing organization. She describes how interacting with SBT gives her confidence that she and her stakeholders’ priorities are heard. She also shares how having a trusted partnership makes a difference in terms of saving her organization valuable time in making the right hiring decisions.